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Obama administration tells wildlife poachers to beware!

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Thanks to public protests (including 200,000 letters sent to the White House during 2013), President Obama has formed a task force to investigate, and ban ivory sales here in the US. Administration formed this task force partly in response to the public outcry over the escalating poaching crisis. Together we've been sounding the alarm, sending over 200,000 letters in the last year alone.

“The Administration has issued a major new strategy to combat wildlife crime, committing the full power of the United States to stopping elephant poaching and ivory trafficking, and other wildlife crime,” stated Wildlife Conservation Society President and CEO, Cristián Samper.

The United States is one of the largest importers (outside of China) of ivory in the world.

Although he lauded the President’s efforts, Samper and WCS executive vice president for public affairs John F. Calvelli went on to emphasize the need for both state and federal legislation to “strengthen penalties, crack down on poachers and ivory trafficers, criminals, and, ultimately, work with other governments around the world ensure domestic and global enforcement of the ivory and rhino horn ban.”

“We won't stop until we make sure sales of ivory have no legal place in our country while ensuring that the legislative and regulatory framework is in place to stop this senseless slaughter,” Calcelli avered.
According to recent data by the WCS, 9% of forest elephants are killed for their tusks each year.