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Obama Administration takes aim at Alabama coal industry

Stand now for Alabama prosperity
Stand now for Alabama prosperity
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"My concern is that some of the organizations now waging a war against coal in Alabama are also receiving funds in the form of grants from your department." Senator Richard Shelby

Alabama Coal Association: 1,000 mine workers in state would be laid off if federal coal permits are vacated. Kent Faulk December 31, 2013

Tennessee Valley Authority to cut more than 150 employees at two north Alabama plants. Paul Gattis November 14, 2013

1,000 Alabama coal jobs hang in the balance as federal judges weigh enviros request. Cliff Sims

The Alabama Free Market Alliance points out that $2.7 million was transferred to leftist enviro-extremists in Alabama. These include:

"Obama's War on Alabama Jobs" by Brandon Demyan of the Alabama Policy Institute detailed the Administration's attempt to punish the coal industry as well as Alabama. Coal creates jobs for Alabamians but the Administration won't stand for that. The Environmental Protection Agency under the helm of our great leader (loosely defined) is burdening the coal industry with over 100 new job killing regulations.

This country possesses 25% of the worlds coal reserves. Mr. Demyan points out that this is enough to supply 125 years of energy. 3.1 billion tons of recoverable coal is in Alabama pumping a potential $1 billion dollars into our economy. Losing this in our cash strapped state would be a nail in our coffin.

The draconian EPA's new rules on newly constructed plants and new emission standards for existing plants will be felt by every Alabamian. New plants will be forced to have carbon capture storage; a technology which doesn't exist in a viable manner.

These regulations come at a time when CO2 emissions are at their lowest since 1988. It's clear that the eco-extremist Obama Administration is hell bent on crushing the coal industry. The standard of living for every Alabama citizen is also in his sights.

Mr. Demyan reported that the Tennessee Valley Authority voted to shut down six coal plants in Alabama at a loss of hundreds of jobs. Alabamians will be left unemployed and penniless. The new regulations will result in costly to operate plants causing skyrocketing utility bills for already overburdened Alabamians.

The depth of the Administrations misguided attack on coal was covered by Ed Histerodt and Rebecca Terrell in The New American magazine's January 6 issues article "EPA v. USA"

"Never before has the federal government forced an industry to do something that is technologically impossible. If these regulations go into effect, American jobs will be lost, electricity prices will soar, and economic uncertainty will grow." Senator Joe Manchin (D-W-VA)

"We are well on our way to achieving the goal of 17% below 2005 levels for CO2, but the technology simply does not exist to do what the EPA said." Paul Loeffelman director of Corporate External Affairs for American Electric Power.

Corporate External Affairs is a non-profit coalition supporting a balanced energy policy. Their forums allow stakeholders to express concerns over the EPA's threat to U.S. competitiveness through an expensive and unreliable power grid. Our society from industry, farmers, hospitals, all the way down to our very homes depend on reliable energy. Businesses like U.S. steel will assuredly hemorrhage and die under the draconian EPA regulations.

This domino effect will touch every Alabama household in a detrimental way. Industry will suffer meaning less jobs for needy Alabamians. Alabama farmers will suffer meaning less and food at much higher prices. Hospitals and the patients they serve will suffer from an unreliable power grid. Alabama homes with conveniences like air conditioning and electric lights may not be there when you flip the switch. Rolling blackout and brownouts may become a nightmare for Alabama. We will all suffer from the current lack of leadership in the White House.

His pseudo-science scare tactics are being used to destroy Alabama and the rest of the nation. His Chicken Little schemes are nothing more than a leftist power grab....a lust for control over your lives. Alabamians need to loudly declare enough is enough. Demand a repeal of EPA regulations as well as the dismantling of this unconstitutional leviathan. It is nothing more than the strong armed enforcer for would be tyrants. The future and well being of our state and nation is at stake. Will you heed the call Alabama?

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