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Obama administration re-starts $1.5 billion in foreign aid to "new" Egypt

Who really are these people and what do they want?
Who really are these people and what do they want?

The Obama administration has re-started providing $1.5 billion in foreign aid to Egypt. It may be a bit presumptuous considering the political climate in the country since the ouster of Mubarak.

Egypt's Islamists look poised to dominate the key lever of power that will greatly help determine the country's political future as parliament selected a panel to draw up the country's new Constitution. Liberal lawmakers denounced the process as “a farce” and walked out in protest.

Again, the Obama administration has already begun sending the $1.5 billion in foreign aid to a country our our own State Department cannot determine politically.

That is $1.5 billion with a “B.”

The Constitution will be written by a 100-member panel (committee) to determine the balance of power between Egypt's previously all-powerful president and parliament, and define the country's future identity, including the role of religion and minority rights.

Is anybody beginning to see a scenario like that in Iran back in 1979 during their revolution? The only difference so far in the process seems to be the United States didn't continue to send foreign aid during the Iranaian uprising. Once the Shah left power, the Carter administration had the common sense to cease and desist.

Did I mention $1.5 billion re-started to the “new” Egypt?

Many secular and liberal Egyptians fear that the Islamist parties that dominate parliament will pack the panel with their supporters and completely ignore minority concerns. In the past week, parliament decided to allocate half of the panel's seats to its own members. A leading Islamist “deputy” said the country's most prominent democracy advocate, Mohamed ElBaradei, would most likely be left off the panel.

Huh? Is this all being assessed as we provide $1.5 billion in foreign aid to this “black hole” that Egypt has become?

The list includes more than 50 Islamists including professionals, judges, political scientists, poets and even six women and six Christians not widely known to the general public. No one is certain of their ideological affiliations and it was not immediately provided or uncovered (apparently) by our own CIA.

Have I mentioned that the Obama administration has re-started $1.5 billion in foreign aid to a besieged Egyptian society on the brink of becoming another Iran?

During a very heated joint session of parliament to pick the panel, lawmakers from the liberal Egyptian Bloc, which hold 9 percent of the lower house's seats, walked out of the proceedings enmasse, accusing the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood – Egypt's most powerful political group – of trying to dominate the selection.

Have I …. oh, forget it.

Egyptian Bloc lawmaker Emad Gad called the session a “farce” and said the Islamist parties “have already decided on the names and voting is only meant to lend legitimacy to the process?

Saad Emara, a Muslim Brotherhood lawmaker, accused liberals of “making a fuss” and said millions of Egyptian voters elected Islamist lawmakers so that their views would be represented on the constitutional committee.


Remember, $1.5 billion in foreign aid re-started by an anxious-to-be-liked Obama administration.

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