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Obama Administration jokes are starting to be not so funny

Obama's administration has been the most religiously hostile regime in the history of the United States by far.
Obama's administration has been the most religiously hostile regime in the history of the United States by far.

When President Barack Obama stated during the state of the union address that he would pursue his aims “with or without Congress” nobody was laughing. He was serious.

A poll released by Fox News stipulated that 74% of those polled said Obama was out of line and illegal. The numbers include 54% of his own party stating that is not the way the executive branch operates.
Obama has a habit of joking about what he is about to do.

A while back Obama joked about how the IRS was an extension of his political arm. With the scandal still developing into how involved the Obama Administration was in using the IRS for political purposes, the IRS officials have already admitted targeting conservative groups. If nothing else the lack of accountability or disclosure is troubling.

The jokes continued last week when Obama had an unplanned visit with French President Francois Hollande and quipped, “That’s the good thing as president, I can do whatever I want”. It's difficult to tell if Obama was joking, boasting, or being serious.

While talking at the National Prayer Breakfast, Obama chimed about how religious freedoms are being attacked and disregarded in foreign countries and is a tremendous threat to freedom. Obama should check out what many are saying about him.

Obama’s comments where declared in the shadow of his administration being the most religious unfriendly regime in the history of the United States. Between the attacks on the religious values and US Constitutional religious guarantees, the Supreme Court has been busy interpreting a flurry of US Constitutional challenges and still has important rulings on the front burner.

There is a Biblical truth which states when the righteous rule, the people rejoice and there has not been too much rejoicing in America recently. Christians are directed to pray for their leadership that wisdom accompanies the decisions of our government officials.

Believers are reminded that there is no profit in wrestling with flesh and blood since the battle is in the spiritual realm.

Back in the political world the numbers suggest that this could well be the democrat’s Waterloo as 80% of the independents polled and a whopping 93% of the republicans note that what Obama said goes against our political system and is wrong for a president to act independently of the checks and balances of our Constitution.

Jokes appear to be a common denominator in Obama’s Administration as a White House press secretary used similar quips when discussing any move of the administration had a red line to take action due to the plight of Christians in Egypt. Deputy press secretary Josh Earnest joked that “he did not bring his red pen today” when Fox News correspondent Ed Henry asked if there was a red line for Obama to take action in Egypt.

That joke did not go over very well either.

To state that there does not seem to be a lot of sympathy towards Christian values or religious principles from Obama’s administration is not a stretch. The purposeful breach into religious freedoms from implementation of the Affordable Care Act is unprecedented. Exemptions for religious organizations were not given so a direct confrontation was unavoidable.

The designers to what is called Obamacare wanted a fight.

This struggle being waged in religious freedom will be determined by the United States Supreme Court as Christian businesses and religious organization have file scores of lawsuits challenging the federal government’s reach into the Bill of Rights. Strangely the media has acquiesced even though the Justice Department has been found guilty stretching the same Article One regarding freedom of the press.

The Supreme Court could well be the lone defender left to protect and defend Article One of the Constitution.

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