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Obama administration gives Israel the go ahead to complete neighborhood construction


  Construction in Israel courtesy of the LA Times

By Debbie Carrick   

    The Obama administration had not officially clarified its position on Jewish neighborhoods over the Green Line but within Jerusalem's municipal boundaries, but the Netanyahu government had been working under the assumption that US officials' call to halt even natural growth in the settlements did not refer to neighborhoods in the city, according to high-placed government officials.(Jerusalem Post)
On June 30 the Defense Minister Ehud Barak met in New York with special US envoy to the Middle East. Before he had even left Israel, messages began to come in from Washington indicating that the United States had no intention of compromising on a complete settlement construction freeze. (MidEast Peace Pulse).
According to Ma'ariv daily newspaper report July 8, 2009, the Obama administration has softened on the demand for a freeze construction on the Green Line development.   Israel has always insisted that it has a right to build anywhere in Jerusalem because the state incorporated that land into the municipality and under Israeli law it is not considered part of the West Bank. However, the international community considers Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem to be settlements and has condemned any new Jewish construction there.


  • Greta Hall 5 years ago

    This is political commentary and I don't see wht it has to do with a "full gospel examiner".

  • Matt Collsom 5 years ago

    Greta how the United State treats Israel is relevant to the Body of Christ full gospel or conservative. I like the softening of the US stance. I did not hear this information on the network news.