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Obama administration finds a racist conspiracy around every corner

Al Sharpton - America's race-baiter supreme
Al Sharpton - America's race-baiter supreme
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The administration put out a new report Tuesday showing black youngsters make up 18% of kids enrolled in preschool. Half that number of preschoolers are suspended more than once.

Terrible numbers, especially considering their age. But that’s not the half of it.

It seems that almost endlessly, the Obama administration finds some racial conspiracy lurking somewhere in America. Naturally, the latest involves preschool teachers who secretly scheme to single out black tots for punishment.

The administration’s report showed that black youngsters make up 18% of kids enrolled in preschool, but nearly 50 percent are suspended more than once. No, bad parenting is not cited, but rather a racist conspiracy to start criminalizing black youths as toddlers.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said, "The fact that the school-to-prison pipeline appears to start as early as four years old, before kindergarten, should horrify us," he said at a news conference.

He’s right, it does.

Then there’s Attorney General Eric Holder’s take on this statistic. He promised to "aggressively disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline." That most likely means millions of federal dollars to weed out “racist nursery schools.”

Just how far will this administration go with its race-monger socioeconomic attitude without a hint of proof?

This was promised to be the presidency that ended racism in this country, yet it seems to promote it at every turn.

The administration recklessly impugns the character of preschool educators. What is the real reason behind these startling statistics?

A University of North Carolina study published earlier this year entitled "Early Childhood Research Quarterly," noted that black preschoolers are more likely to face suspension, because they are "more likely to be from homes in which the parents were inattentive."

Where is the racism in that Mr. attorney general? We can be sure the study didn’t come close to the millions of taxpayer money you wish to spend to discover the same harsh reality.

The study, "Preschool to kindergarten transition patterns for African-American boys," found that African-American boys have more difficulty developing social skills to advance.

If this doesn’t satisfy Mr. Holder, then there are other studies.

A University of Florida study also contradicts the ridiculous notion of racism. It surveyed the parenting styles of African-American female caregivers of preschoolers and found they tend to be more "permissive," leading to antisocial behavior.

And not to forget the Education Department's own report which said, preschool boys of all races account for a whopping 82% of preschoolers suspended multiple times.

Now who are the victims here, the educators for government interference on political grounds or those crying “racist” every time they're cornered with the truth?

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