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Obama accused of plagiarism: State of the Union Address

Marc Thiessen, former President George W. Bush’s lead speechwriter for his 2007 State of the Union Address, claims that President Barack Obama plagiarized the State of the Union Speech delivered by Bush seven years ago. Thiessen was on Fox News with Megyn Kelly and made the accusation by stating that President Barack Obama has gone from blaming George W. Bush to plagiarizing him, according to a Yahoo! News report on Wednesday.

President Barack Obama delivers State of the Union Address on Jan. 28, 2014
Getty images/ Larry Downing

The former Bush speechwriter quoted parts of the speech he wrote for Bush in 2007 back-to-back with lines that President Barack Obama delivered in his State of the Union Address delivered on Tuesday night in the nation’s capital.

Thiessen highlighted the part of Bush’s 2007 speech which mentioned hope and opportunity. He asserted that parts of Obama’s speech about hope and opportunity were “eerily familiar.” For example, in 2007 Bush said that our job is to help Americans build a future of hope and opportunity, a future of hope and opportunity begins with a growing economy, a future of hope and opportunity requires that all citizens have affordable and available health care, extending opportunity and hope depends on a stable supply of energy.

Though not directly copied, Obama continually referred to various uses of the word opportunity. Additionally, following the segments about opportunity, Obama told a story about a veteran who had been wounded in combat – just as Bush had done 8 years ago.

In 2011, President Obama was also cited for having lifted ideas and lines from others’ speeches for his State of the Union Address.

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