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Obama accepts McChrystal resignation, says it is the right thing

Obama accepts McChrystal resignation, says it is the right thing

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WASHINGTON D.C. -- On Wednesday in the White House Rose Garden, President Obama announced to the American people that he was accepting the resignation of Gen. Stanley McChrystal and that the general would be replaced by US Army General David Petraeus.

The statement was much anticipated and comes after much media attention was given to the article that  Rolling Stone magazine wrote on McChrystal.  The article quotes McChrystal as being critical of the President and the Obama administration.

McChrystal formally resigned Wednesday morning and the president accepted it.

President Obama said it was the right thing for the military and the right thing for the country.

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  • The sweetest SOUNDS 4 years ago

    The LAST thing McCrystal needed to
    " SHOUT OUT "...... was
    NO! sir Mr. USURPER X SIR! .....
    I don't think I'm going 2 let U do that TODAY SIR!....
    I'm HERE 2 FIRE YOU....
    Now that would make OUR DAY...NIGHT...and put smiles on all us "non- RACIAL" ....AMERICAN'S!
    Can someone address the sinking ship of fools we have in's nearing silly..... stupidness.

    WE still have TIME FOLKS!



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