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Obama: a legend in Sally Quinn's mind

Worshipful Washington, shameful really
Worshipful Washington, shameful really
Sally Quinn
Sally Quinn
Tavis Smiley Show (PBS)

Sally Quinn, the doyenne of the Washington Post, who recently aired her dirty laundry in public with her column: No 'dueling' Bradlee weddings, just scheduling mistake, which in a gossipy town like Washington is perfectly understandable.

However, last night Ms. Quinn, a wholly likable woman, I must admit, appeared on O'Reilly with the leftist cant perfectly memorized: "Obama is great, look at what he has accomplished"  By which, we presume she means Obamacare, which he rammed through in defiance of the electorate.  And, that he is nationalizing industries to save us from the abyss -- which in Obama/Castro/Chavez's world means capitalism.  And, that he has alienated allies (Eastern Europe), bowed to kings and potentates and humiliated the friendless (Israel and the Dalai Lama).  But, apparently, a toothless arms reduction deal with Russia and a seminar on state-controlled nuclear weapons has made the world safer -- or at least it would have in 1989. 

Last year's meme was: "Obama is great, look at his speech-making."  Plus, he's got such a great natural tan and look at his pectoral muscles, makes a woman (or a liberal) weak at the knees.   

And, all of this as Democrats are running for their lives as November approaches, since Obama's numbers are in the tank (51/48 in the latest Rasmussen survey) and pundits predict as many as 100 Republican pickups in the House of Representatives.  Don't worry, that will never happen with the Castro-loving press around to prop him up, we may get eight years of this bulls***.

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