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OB will develop growing neighborhoods

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The friendly and pleasant OB community will develop into a more popular costal village. One that is still small scale.

Projects that will widen streets and make library, fire, and lifeguard buildings bigger, to fit the growing community, are lined up. This week, the San Diego City COuncil gave their approval on an update to the OB Community Plan made in the 1970s, and, a project financing plan that will get the construction work started.

District 2's Councilman, Ed Harris, will take the early steps on adding mixed-use residentail and commercial complexes to a community that has the guaranteed development impact fee funding needed to fit OCean Beach into the citywide City of Villaages plan renewed by the 2008 San Diego General Plan. The OB Community Planning Board agreed on the financed development plan in August last year.

The city council rezoned 20 acres in south OCean Beach to multi-family residential from single family residential. Blocks o the beach side of Froude Street, from the alley south of Del Monte Avenue to the alley south of Orchard Avenue, and a block south of Pt. LOma Avenue all the way west to the lot next to Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, become block lines builders can use to build housing complexes.

Home building can also change the business areas on Voltaire Street and Pt. Loma AVenue into vilalge mixed use areas.

Growth in traffic will not tie up the travelers in OB as long as the city finishes the transportation plan in the updated community plan. Projects are lined up to scale up popular travel lanes. Widen Nimitz Boulevard to 6 lanes, between Sunset CLiffs Boulevard and W. Pt. Loma BOulevard. Put in traffic signals on W. Pt. Loma Boulevard at Bacon STreet and Brighton Avenue. Help pedestrians get through the traffic safe by putting in the pedestrian countdown signals seen in the Midway area at 8 OB locations.

Not all the traffic the city plans on handling comes from new home and business development. OB Still needs transportation funding. It will not depend on development impact fees alone.

The one mile square community stays short on park land. New parks have nnot yet been planned to raise the park land acreage in OB to the 2.8 acres per 1,000 residents required by the city's general plan.

The current plan is to add new walkways and recreation areas at the OB beach parks. At Saratoga beach park, city and OB planners agreed on new picnic areas and a new children's playground.

One popular local gathering place, the OB rec center, has a future expansion planned.

OB is now ready to start work on three big projects, once the development impact fee funding comes through, and the city council approves. The highest priority project is expanding the Santa Monica Avenue OB Branch Library to 15,000 square feet, using the nextdoor lot. And, adding needed seating, and, a meeting room and a computer lab.

Upgrading safety service in the growing community is unfinished work. Locals now wai ton a larger fire station on Voltaire Street that will serve the community out to the Midway area. ANd, a new OB lifeguard station, at a location south down Abbott Street. Between Newport Avenue and Santa Monica Avenue. Across the street from the alley.

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