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OB has the best in all it offers including my pizza

Nobody can do this any better
Nobody can do this any better

If I told you, “Let’s meet at Robb Field or at Dusty Rhodes.” Would you know where to meet? How about, “Meet me at Dog Beach?” Or Alligator Rock, would you know where to go?

I love it when it's this good

If I suggest we grab a pizza and watch the game, let’s do it somewhere that is filled with good pizza, good sudz, and good looking people who share the love of the Charger game, then you’d know I’m talking about Ocean Beach California right?

And when you ask who has the best tasting pizza in OB, I’d have to say, Pizza Port is my place for good food and great craft beer from within the house.

Located at 1956 Bacon St. is where we’d be heading for the game this weekend. Pizza Port just plain does it best! In OB you’ll find a ton of good eats. I’m talking burgers; pizza; Mexican; they’ve got what it takes to make my mouth water in OB. Plus they look good when they do it better in OB.

I’ve been to Pizza Port a bunch of times and I guarantee you there’s none better. Yah maybe you can find some nearly as good. Maybe even as good, but throw in their craft beer and good staff and you’ve got to pick Pizza Port as the spot to find me watching the game with a bunch of good buddies.

The atmosphere is beach. The vibe is ocean waves. Your taste buds will make your mouth water and when your order moves past the taste buds you will be happy. Did you just hear it? Was that PHARRELL WILLIAMS I just heard? Happy is Pizza Port for sure.

I’m heading to the TV on the wall at Pizza Port for the Colorado Rockies big loss to my San Diego Padres starting tonight and finishing up this Wednesday with a clean sweep of the Rockies on our way to playing 500 once again. I think I hear the post season coming up once again.