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Oatmeal and blueberry weight loss tips

Eating oatmeal for breakfast will give you the much needed energy to greet the day, helps reduce cholesterol, a perfect source of fiber, helps fill you up and keep you feeling fuller longer and oatmeal is delicious raw or cooked. Throw some blueberries in for an extra punch of goodness and antioxidant defense.

One cup of blueberries have approximately 80 calories and many health benefits being a super-food.

Blueberries help prevent urinary tract infections, help neutralize free radical tissue and cell damage, helps to prevent cancers and helps prevent heart disease.

The number one health benefit for obese people who eat blueberries is weight loss because eating blueberries help reduce belly fat.

Whatever you do to loose weight just remember skipping meals is not a good idea. When you start skipping meals your body goes into a fat-storing mode making your body think it’s starving.

It is best to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks daily. The key to weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight is to eat the right foods that have a high nutritious count and exercise daily for better overall health.



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Health benefits eating blueberries

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