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Oarfish Mexico: Uncommon video footage shares great find, 2 oarfish delight all

Oarfish in Mexico are making a huge splash this week after 2 of these rare species were caught in uncommon video footage by a very excited tourist group. While the tourists were busy kayaking in the beautiful waters off the Baja coast of Mexico, they were delighted to not only recognize these large, swimming creatures, but even capture the recent discovery on film. NewsOxy reports this Wednesday, April 9, 2014, that because oarfish are extremely rare fish often hiding away in the deep parts of the ocean, spotting not one, but two of these slippery animals on a cruise event was quite the notable find.

Flickr Photos, Creative Commons
A giant oarfish is spotted in live video footage

While biologists, oceanographers, and other sea-life experts are all no doubt excited at the oarfish Mexico discovery earlier this week, it was likely the kayakers who were able to relish in the stunning sight the most. Oarfish are known as a species that despite being relatively low in population and high in secrecy, live in the oceans all around the world in both temperature and warm, tropical waters, usually cruising well over 3,000 feet below the surface.

What made the captured video footage by the Baja tourists all the more uncommon and valuable was that these two oarfish in Mexico were found alive and kicking — well, swimming. A majority of the four known species of the aquatic animal are only seen by deep-sea cameras in their native habitat, or spotted dead, washed up in the shallows or some shore.

The overall health of these 2 oarfish caught on video remains unknown at this time. Prior to this delightful find, an 18-foot oarfish was pulled to the coastline late in 2014 by a snorkeler traveling the waters off the California coast in beautiful Catalina Island. A dead 14-foot oarfish was then seen just a few days later in San Diego.

As cited in a Huffington Post report earlier today, these 15-foot oarfish truly brought smiles to tourists, oceanographers, and the public alike this week. The Florida Museum of Natural History adds that the giant oarfish is the proud record-setter of the largest known bony fish on earth. Be sure to click the attached video to see an oarfish swimming action above!

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