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Oarfish Mexico: Rare sight of 2 giant oarfish spawns viral video

Two rare giant oarfish were spotted by tourists swimming in very shallow water off a beach in Mexico and they managed to video this jaw-dropping encounter. The video is special, because oarfish are not usually seen, they live in the dark depths of the ocean and very seldom come to the surface, according to on April 8.

Rare oarfish spotted in Mexico, tourists capture video of rare fish as they come near the beach.
YouTube screen shot

When you Google an image for an oarfish, the majority of the images are of dead oarfish that have washed ashore. It is very seldom that you see an oarfish this close to the beach, never mind two. One of the fish was so close that the tourist was able to touch it, as seen in the video above.

A group of tourist on a Shedd Adventures trip to Baja got the glimpse of a lifetime in the crystal blue waters on the coast of Mexico. These fish are the world’s boniest and they grow up to 56 feet long. They are tube shaped and an odd sight to see.

Why these fish came this close to shore in the Sea of Cortes is not known. The fish usually swim in the ocean depths at about 650 feet down. They have been spotted as far down as 3,000 feet, so to see the deep sea creatures up near the surface was really rare. To see not one, but two is even rarer.

The tourists were shocked to see the oarfish, which don’t look like regular fish, as seen in the video above. These two specimens were only about 15 feet long, which is far from the longest length ever seen. Just think what it would be like to encounter a 50 foot oarfish, it would appear monstrous. That would be the length of almost four Ford Taurus’ cars lined up bumper to bumper. That is one big fish!

The oarfish live in the depths where there is no light and because of their bizarre appearance it is believed these fish were the basis for many of the old mythical sea monster tales.

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