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Oarfish Mexico: 2 rare oarfish surprise tourists in Mexico (Video)

Two oarfish in Mexico surprised tourists visiting the area and they were able to catch the experience on video. On April 8, Softpedia reported that the amazing fish -- which can grow up to 56 feet long -- usually swim in very deep waters so seeing them close to shore is pretty rare. The two spotted by the tourists were about 15 feet in length -- which is still pretty big!

"During a recent Shedd Adventures trip to Baja, [a] group of participants encountered two beautiful oarfish swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Sea of Cortés, off the coast of Mexico," Softpedia reports.

The Oarfish in Mexico caught on camera were some of the only living oarfish to ever be caught swimming. Some people find oarfish washed up on local beaches, dead. The super thin creature in known as the "boniest" fish in the sea and really is quite incredible to look at. Check out the video above to see the footage captured by a tourist.

As you can see in the video, it appears as thought the oarfish is trying to beach itself -- which is strange. Since the sea creatures are so rare, it's hard to explain why they would beach themselves or what they are trying to do so close to shore.

Oarfish in Mexico and all over the world have a strange look to them -- you would definitely know if you saw one in person.

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