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Oakville-built Ford Edge Really Goes from Zero to Sixty

Ford Edge 2015
Ford Edge 2015

The Ford Motor company has announced that an all new Ford Edge utility vehicle, will be built at the Oakville Assembly plant, which is a few kilometers west of Toronto. The Ford announcement follows a $700 million investment in the plant to transform the facility into one of the most advanced and competitive facilities in Canada.
The plant will be home to 2800 workers, who will assemble the global utility vehicle for shipping to more than 60 countries around the globe.

The re-designed Ford Edge utility vehicle which was first introduced in 2006, is expected to begin production early in 2015, and includes some advanced high tech features. Ford expects the vehicle to be loaded with sensors that will assist in automated or self-autonomous driving. The features, will include fully assisted parking that allows customers to park the vehicle with the push of a button, or with a remote control, while they stand outside the vehicle.

Much of the technologies to be included in the Edge is being developed by Ford's European team of researchers, and one of the options that may be included, will be the ability to automatically direct the vehicle out danger in the event of impending collisions.
Ford see the Edge as a global vehicle, as the SUV market continues to experience explosive growth around the world.
The company which was once touted as the third biggest automotive manufacturer continues to lead the category, with a growth that exceeded 35 per cent in 2013.The double-digit growth in the sales of utility vehicles is lead by the red-hot markets of Russia and China, Ford of Canada, CEO Dianne Craig explains that the decision to build the Edge in the Oakville assembly plant certifies Ford's commitment and solidifies fact that Canadian manufacturers can be winners anywhere.
The design of the Ford Edge maintains the popular muscular appearance, while futuristic themes are incorporated. Observers may noticed a slight transformation the appearance that the designers refer to as "visual premiumness," The idea to make the Ford Edge appear inviting while simultaneously dominating. The familiar hexagonal grill shape is retained with an updated variation.
The tail lamps feature striking LED lighting along with an red arc of light that stretches across the entire rear of the vehicle. The interior of the vehicle, which has been described as a sanctuary by on of the designers, includes a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and mechanical switchgear, and a huge 10-inch multimedia screen.
As production at the plant moves into higher gear, the Oakville assembly plant, which also manufactures the Ford Flex, as well as the Lincoln MKX and MKT models, will continue to offer world-leading flexibility, that enables the company to react quickly and efficiently, as consumer tastes changes.

In addition to the Ford Edge, the company is expected to launch an unprecedented 23 new vehicles in 2014, and in addition to the assisted parking features, many of the vehicles will include adaptive steering technology and fuel saving technologies.

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