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Oakland's Red light Cameras and Greed

Oakland 's Mayor Jean Quan doesn't seem to be a role model for Traffic Safety lately, first it appears she's caught on camera texting and driving and most recently she was involved in a rear end collision as a result of allegedly running a Red light, and it seems that she might of been on the phone without a "Hands Free"device. Phillip Matier & Andrew Ross of The San Francisco Chronicle pointed out in their article this a.m., that if a camera was on the Red Light at the intersection where she allegedly "ran the light at" it wouldn't of mattered anyway.

It appears at the request of Oakland Police Chief, Sean Whent he urged the Mayor to let the contract with RedFlex expire, around May 20,2014. They are the vendor whom operates,maintains The Red light enforcement Cameras and they collect a certain percentage of the fees for their contractual obligation to the City.

The cameras statistically have made the intersections safer, yet Assistant Police Chief Paul Figueroa "can't accurately say exactly how much money the program is bringing in." Money ? I thought it was about reducing accidents at Oakland's intersections. Some are among the Bay Area's top ticket producers, most notably the one at the on-ramp to Interstate 980 at 27th Street and North gate Avenue.

Redflex was contacted by me today they did in fact verify the contract with The City of Oakland has expired, they did not give a reason why, The issue seems to be about revenue and greed, who gets what. In the interim the Red light Cameras in Oakland, aren't working. check out the link

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