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Oakland Raiders will pass on Michael Vick


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Now that Michael Vick has gotten the Good Newz that he has been reinstated to the NFL, there is a buzz that the Oakland Raiders may be his landing pad. That is a very unlikely scenario.

It seems every time that there is a player who has had trouble with the law or off field issues of any kind, immediately, the word is "Al Davis will sign him." However, even a cursory glance at the moves made by the Raiders the past few years show that assumption to be null.

Last season, it was Pac Man Jones that many were speculating was going to be the Oakland Raiders newest bad boy. However, he didn't even get an invite to Alameda to work out or any apparent interest. Even with Al Davis's known love of corners, he didn't give Jones a sniff.

It will be much the same with Vick, as the focus has been on building a team and bringing in "high character" guys. Besides, Vick hasn't been in an NFL game in over two years. Even when he was at the top of his game, he relied on his speed and athleticism to make plays. The question becomes how much of that speed and athleticism does he have left after a two year layoff from football?

Bringing in Vick, and the circus that will inevitably accompany him , is something that could easily rip apart the fiber of a very young team that is starting to gel. The Raiders are not going to take that chance.

I was asked:

1st trade Russell for a solid OL sign Vick to sit behind Garcia for 1 to 2 yrs. And use Vick in special plays as a change of pace QB,slot, RB or WR. Utilize money saved on Russell to sign Peppers away from Panthers. Instant Upgrade to both sides of the ball. Think before you reply..
What do you honestly think Patrick?????

First off the salary cap hit that would be incurred for trading him makes a trade involving Russell all but impossible. I also think that Russell has a better chance of long term success for the Raiders than Vick. The Raiders have that versitile player that can be used as a back, receiver, or wildcat quarterback in Darren McFadden who is younger and has more upside.

Considering the Raiders would take a tremendous cap hit from accelerated bonus money if they traded Russell, they would not have the money to sign Peppers. Peppers is also under the franchise tag, so siging him to an offer sheet would give the Panthers a right to match it, and if they didn't the Raiders would have to give up at least one first round pick. Peppers would instantly make the Raiders defensive line much better, but no way it will happen.

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  • God-Bless-Al-Davis 5 years ago

    Russel will be great in the years to come and is our quarterback of the future, that being said I would love to see Vick in silver and black. Just not as a quarterback but rather as a wide receiver. He's more like a diversion really so DHB can get open deep, Run DMC can brake though the secondary, and Schillings can float across the middle. Not a bad idea, but of course this is only if Al would consider signing him and Cable thought he could control him in the locker room. OAK-TOWN 4 LIFE

  • mic.jor 5 years ago

    god bless al davis: You gotta be kiddin' me !

    Garcia is where we are headed and the sooner we realize this the better off we will be and the confusion will be cleared up. Last time I saw Jamarcus he was just as fat as ever, slow in the head, and slow on the field and inaccurate as a blue-tail fly high on white lightning !

    Vick on the other hand is a jerk; and like it or not the most improbable role model an East Bay kid would ever want to follow. I say god bless al davis because he would not even consider such a fool as Vick. Can you imagine if Rickey Henderson had nothing to emulate but Michael Vick? Quality human beings are the key to Raider success not pit bull bone heads like Vick.

  • Bad Newz Kennels 5 years ago

    Stop hating on Vick bitches!

  • Raider Joe 5 years ago

    I still marvel at the sheet idiocy shown by some of us on the various Raider blogs.Even entertaining the idea of bringing in Vick is insane.I know dog fighting may be 'gangsta'. Aren't we past being 'gangsta'? Vick ain't 'gangsta', Vick is rich athlete that went to prison fr committing a felony.Vick is a loser.All that is beside the point anyway.Why the hell do we need Vick? He's never proven that he is 'the greatest football player to ever come out of the college ranks' as he was hyped when Atlanta drafted him. He's mediocre at best, poor at worst. What is is for certain is a coach killer.He ended the careers of Jim Mora, Jr, and Dan Reeves. Drove Reeves into retirement.The current coach for the Falcons would've been gone by now if Vick was still the QB. A lot of things have been said about Mike Vick, except the honest truth-the guy's a bust.He had proven to be a bust before the felony.Russell is going to be good,and shut up about Garcia already. He's not the future.

  • Cranberry 5 years ago

    I would not have a problem with the Raiders signing Michael Vick. I know Vick is a good person and has more than paid his debt for his offense. Does it makes sense from a Football stand point? Not when we already have Russell and Garcia under contract. I doubt Vick would come in here to be 3rd string. Also I think with Coach Cable being so new to his position I do not think he could handle the media scrutiny. So joining the Raiders would not serve Michael Vick well. That being said I would welcome Mr. Vick over guys like Cornell Green who recently was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon against the mother of his children. How do guys like Green and Brandon Marshall still walk the NFL sidelines while Armies of people conspire to keep Vick from doing the same?

  • JSpicoli 5 years ago

    The mediots are so lame it if you listen to what they are saying, it becomes apparent that it doesn't matter what is actaully going on, all that matter is stereotyping the franchises and finding the angles in every story that match those lame generalizations that are based on events from the middle of last century in some cases.

  • chris jenner 5 years ago

    I agree with your response to that trade scenario Patrick. That would be a disastrous scenario. Michael Vick is almost 30 and has been out of football for a few years. His spedd will be on the declline, his biggest asset. He has never been a good passer or decision maker, but rather relied on his freakish athleticism to make plays. Peppers specifically stated he wanted to play for a team that runs a 3-4 defense, so what are they going to do, change their entire defensive scheme for 1 guy? Peppers doesn't do much against the run either, the Raiders biggest conccern on defense. That scenario is a fantasy situation that will luckily never come to pass.

  • tron tellerson79@hotmail 5 years ago

    i am a die hard raider fan and i don have time for the future i need to win now russell aint did nothing since he has been there. why am i still a raider anyway

  • tron tellerson79@hotmail 5 years ago

    al davis is jacked up anyway.give vick a chance we are not going to win with russell he can barely move out the pocket, garcia is old and washed up and we have a bad off line you will be sorry

  • tron tellerson79@hotmail 5 years ago

    raider joe i am the biggest raider fan in da world damn russell he aint gone cut it we will win 5 games this with russell starting so you are a loser an im from georgia give vick a chance. you act like we have been winning, we have not had a winning season since we got destroyed in the superbowl we drafted a bust this year passing over crabtree so much for al davis brain [dummy]i need to win

  • BOLTPRIDE 5 years ago


  • Ian4rmVa 5 years ago

    You know alot of the people that comment on football up here have little to no knowledge on how the game is played on and off the field. Trading Russel would be a tremendous hit to the raider franchise. Not only because he would be another bust first rounder, but the amount of money that will be lost as well. Vick is a tremendous talent that i think would thrive in the Oakland offense. We are a run first pass second team, the last team Vick was on a team that had that same mentality they had the number 1 rushing offense in the NFL and was playoff bound every year Vick laced em' up. Now with Vick comes a lot of criticism but we are the Raiders, we embody the out cast and turn them into heroes. Vick could come in and be our third QB and battle Garcia for the number two spot. Then after this year let him go to free agency and have Russel and Vick as our QB tandem. Vick has a lot left to give to the game of football. If Cable wants to win pick up Vick and coach him back to success.

  • raidersfan15 5 years ago

    any one who says why am i still araiders fan is not a real raiders fan let russell thrive and give the young guys a chance

  • youngcutthoat 5 years ago

    i believe that signing Vick would be great for the raiders. everyone says that we need to get away from the "bad boys" of the league. what you fail to relize is that when we were getting the most penalties in the nfl, we were winning games. lets not kid our selves, we are the bad boys of the league and we need to get back to being just that. there is a reason why there is a raiders fan in every town in america, its because ANIMALS. RAIDER NATION