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Oakland Raiders vs. Green Bay Packers preview for week 3 of NFL preseason

Safety Charles Woodson who used to be a Packers two years ago will face his former team for week 3 of preseason on 8/22/14.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders will face the Green Bay Packers for week 3 of the 2014 NFL preseason at Lambeau Field on Friday. This match-up should be interesting for both sides as both teams will see ex-teammates playing for the opposite side.

Anyway, most analysts have the Packers locked on the victory, and it is rightly so because the Raiders are not looking so hot. The starting defense for the Raiders has not looked great in the last two weeks for the first quarter of both games.

Also, the starting offense has failed to make an impression for the Raiders. Matt Schaub has been the worst performing quarterback so far in preseason. Derek Carr has been decent, and Matt McGloin has been the stud in both preseason games so far.

Basically, the back ups or third stringers have been looking good for the Oakland Raiders. So, obviously, this has raised concerns. However, there are two preseason games left, and the starters for the Raiders still have a chance to save their reputation.

On the other hand, the Green Bay Packers have been well. They lost to the Tennessee Titans, but looked very impressive against the St. Louis Rams. Then again, it was the Rams that the Packers beat so…

Anyway, Aaron Rodgers will play the first quarter and is expected to do well against a shaky Raiders’ defense. At least, so far, the defense for the Raiders has been shaky.

Plus, Matt Flynn will be facing his old team, the Raiders. Well, Flynn only played some preseason games and one full season game for the Raiders before being cut last season, but he will be playing against the Raiders, most likely in the last quarter. This obviously should be interesting to watch.

Also, receiver James Jones and safety Charles Woodson, who are ex-Packers, are going to be players to keep an eye on. These two guys are coming out to prove a point against their ex-team in which both won a Super Bowl with. Again, this is going to be interesting!

In the end, the Packers are favorites to win, especially playing at home. The spread is seven points in favor of the Green Bay Packers. On the other hand, the Oakland Raiders could have fixed their problems from the last two games and will come out to prove a point. The point that the Raiders are actually going to do a lot better this season than last.

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