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Oakland Raiders: The Studs and Duds against the Detroit Lions

Matt McGloin #14 of the Oakland Raiders in action against the Detroit Lions during their preseason game at Coliseum on August 15, 2014 in Oakland, California.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders managed to get a last minute win over the Detroit Lions on Friday evening at the Coliseum. It was a grand win for the Raiders, but, again like last week against the Minnesota Vikings, the projected starters for the 2014 season were not the studs of this victory.

The Studs

The number one stud for the Raiders in the game against the Lions on Friday night was second year quarterback and third-stringer Matt McGloin. Yes, with a little help from some penalties called against the Lions’ defense, McGloin drove the Raiders to victory.

Not only that, McGloin had the best stats out of all three quarterbacks on Friday evening. McGloin got 114 yards of passing with the winning touchdown. He had 7 receptions out of 15 attempted, but many of the failed passes were dropped by his receivers.

McGloin only had a couple of bad passes that would be considered his fault, but the rest was all receivers flopping the pass. There was also an awesome pass to the first-year tight end Scott Simonson but dropped the ball right before entering the end zone after a vicious helmet-to-helmet tackle which the refs neglected to call. Instead, the play was considered a fumble and a turnover which favored the Lions.

In the end, Matt McGloin was the man once again. McGloin was the man last week against the Viking for being the only Oakland Raiders to score. This time around he got the victory for the Silver and Black against the Detroit Lions.

Another stud was kicker Sebastian Janikowski who kept the Raiders in the game to eventually let McGloin drive for the victory. Janikowski got two field goals and three extra points. He at 100 percent never missing anything the whole night. That is what a kicker needs to do and Sebastian Janikowski did it.

The other stud was running back Darren McFadden. Yes, McFadden had the most yards, 27, with a touchdown. McFadden’s touchdown broke the ice against the Lions on Friday. The Lions were up by 13 points when McFadden made his touchdown in the second quarter and kept the Raiders in the game.

The Duds

Once again, Matt Schaub was a dud for the Raiders in the second week of the 2014 NFL preseason. Schaub who is the starting quarterback has failed to be impressive in the Silver and Black uniform. Schaub was the worst performing quarterback with 87 yards and an interception. The only good thing he did was help drive for the first Raiders’ touchdown which were mostly running plays with Maurice Jones-Drew and McFadden. Schaub executed the hand offs really well, and that is the best that he did against the Lions.

Not so much, but the secondary needs some improvement. The Raiders do face some great passing quarterbacks in the AFC West so the secondary has to tighten up. They allowed backup quarterback Dan Orlovsky from the Lions to throw for 153 yards in 8 receptions. Also, the secondary allowed two touchdown passes by Matt Stafford. This just points out that the Raiders’ secondary needs to step it up against starting quarterbacks.


At the end of the day, the Oakland Raiders got the victory over the Detroit Lions. However, the presumed starters for the 2014 season were not the heroes. The starters need to show what they got in the last two preseason games to get a good vibe and momentum going for the Silver and Black.

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