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Oakland Raiders: The Oakland A’s announce 10-year lease at Coliseum

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis is struggling to get a new stadium for the Raiders in Oakland.
Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis is struggling to get a new stadium for the Raiders in Oakland.
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Things have spiced up for the Oakland Raiders regarding the Coliseum in Oakland. The Oakland A’s have announced that they plan to sign a 10-year lease at the stadium that they share with the Raiders.

As reported on Thursday, things could look bad for the Raiders as the A’s plan to stay there for another 10 years. This would include the A’s staying and possibly taking away the possibility of rebuilding a new stadium.

Raiders Owner Mark Davis has been wanting to have a stadium for his team and not share it with anyone. Davis was hoping that the city of Oakland might give him what he wanted, but, with the news of the A’s staying longer at the Coliseum and taking away the chance to rebuild a new stadium at that location, Davis might hit the road with his football team.

Currently, the Raiders share the Coliseum with the A’s, forcing the Raiders to play on a field with a baseball diamond of dirt in September, which is the end of regular baseball season. Sometimes, the Raiders have to play in the dirt longer, especially when the A’s make MLB playoffs.

The news of the 10-year lease brings up the many problems for the Oakland Raiders. See, the Raiders have a one-year contract riding with the Coliseum. This complicates things in Oakland as not much has been planned or proposed for the Raiders.

This could mean that Mark Davis will finally have enough and take his team elsewhere. Many speculate that Los Angeles is the place, since LA has been wanting a team for many years. Plus, the Raiders have a huge fanbase in LA already.

The other option is Portland, OR. However, Portland might not have the football market that LA can provide. Portland has plenty of room for a stadium, but will it bring the fanbase and the money that LA could?

Anyway, the Oakland Raiders will have another issue to think about this season besides rebuilding a team. Hopefully, things will work out for the Silver and Black. Hopefully, the Raiders will remain in their city, which is Oakland. If not, Los Angeles would be more than happy to have them back.

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