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Oakland Raiders should fix quarterback position first

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The first thing the Oakland Raiders should fix for the 2014 off-season is the quarterback position. Yes, this problem has to be addressed first because the quarterback is the leader of a team, and that is exactly what the Raiders need.

Sure, there are plenty of positions that need to be fixed in the Silver and Black roster, but the quarterback is the most important one. The Raiders current QBs showed some promises this past season, but also showed some inconsistency that cannot be accepted.

Terrelle Pryor showed leadership and athleticism, but failed to make passing touchdowns which eventually led to a complete shut down. His leadership withered away eventually as well.

Matthew McGloin came in strong against the Houston Texans in week 10, but failed to get more wins after that.

Many will say that the Raiders lacked receivers, and this could be absolutely true, but, in the end, the quarterback has to make things happen. Guess what, it didn’t happen with Pryor or McGloin.

Pryor also had three years with the Raiders and, when given the chance to shine, his wick ran out quick. As for McGloin, it’s sad, but the kid might have to stay on board as a back up or simply go.

In the end, the Oakland Raiders need a new quarterback. Now that the Raiders have a first round pick, they should take advantage of it.

The team is fairly new, so build around the new quarterback, one that can pass and make touchdowns. Why not! The Oakland Raiders took a huge chance with new faces, so why not bring in a new face for the QB position!