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Oakland Raiders: Michael Vick or Tim Tebow? (Photos)

The Oakland Raiders are in need of a play caller and have some options to do something about it this season. Michael Vick, as a free agent, and Tim Tebow are out there hoping to get another chance. Oh yeah, the Raiders also have a nice first round pick for April’s draft.

Quarterback Michael Vick #7 the Philadelphia Eagles throws before the start of a game against the Chicago Bears at Lincoln Financial Field on December 22, 2013 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Anyway, it was reported that the Raiders are eyeballing Michael Vick to possibly join and be the veteran starting QB for the 2014 season.

Michael Vick would actually be better than what the Raiders have now, Terrelle Pryor or Matt McGloin. McGloin still needs more experience with a little more grooming. For Pryor, he was given a chance and did not cut it, after serving two years as a back up.

The same could be said about Vick—he was given a chance with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons for 11 years but did not quite cut it.

On the other hand, Michael Vick has had some spectacular years, especially with the Falcons, until he went to prison for animal cruelty. Also, he was young then. Now, it’s a little different being older; however, he has experience and can be considered as one of the best veterans in the league.

Remember, Vick also has experience with the playoffs. Vick never got to the Super Bowl, but he does have the experience.

As for Tim Tebow, there are rumors that he has been eyeballed by the Oakland Raiders. Why not? The guy is good. His chances were marred by Peyton Manning in 2012.

Tebow was doing just fine with the Denver Broncos until Manning arrived and the Broncos let Tebow go. He went to the New York Jets after that, but the Jets made a huge mistake by having Tebow as the backup. The rest is history.

Tebow is available and currently employed with ESPN. Many will agree that he won’t turn down an offer that will give him another chance to play.

His most impressive years as a player were with the Broncos as a rookie (2011 to 2012). Also, he is still young and healthy, unlike the aging Vick.

One of those years with the Broncos, Tebow took Denver to the playoffs in a year that the Broncos were not expected to do anything at all with Kyle Orton. In the playoffs, Tebow and the Broncos took out an impressive Pittsburgh Steelers team too.

Anyway, both quarterbacks would not be a bad choice considering the facts on who is available out there in the market. They could both bring their veteran skills, Vick more than Tebow, to the Silver and Black and help groom McGloin and whoever is going to be drafted in April.

So, should the Oakland Raiders take Micheal Vick or Tim Tebow? Of course, this is only being asked if the Raiders were to take that route.

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