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Oakland Raiders, Golden State Warriors dominate Oakland Mayor's Race Forum

The Oakland Raiders and Golden State Warriors owners could hold sway over who gets elected as the next Mayor of Oakland. That's because both the NFL's Oakland Raiders and the NBA's Golden State Warriors dominated questions for the candidates running for Mayor of Oakland in the Oakland Mayor's Race.

As reported at, The first-of-its-kind Oakland Mayor’s Race Candidates Forum directly employing one form of social media (using Facebook) is about to get under way very soon, tonight, at 7 PM PST at Oakland City Hall, 1 Frank Ogawa Plaza, at the Oakland City Council Chambers.

As of this writing, 14 of the 15 Oaklanders running for Mayor are expected to appear : Saied Karamooz, Ken Houston , Rebecca Kaplan, Charles Williams, Bryan Parker, Courtney Ruby, Dan Siegel , Libby Schaaf , Patrick McCullough, Jean Quan, Jason Anderson, Nancy Sidebotham, Joe Tuman, and Eric Wilson.

Reportedly, 62 residents have submitted 179 questions as of this writing, and voted on the most popular ones. Of the top ten most popular questions four concern how candidates would either retain the teams, or pay for the rent the Warriors owe should they actually skip town and stiff The Oakland Alameda County Joint Powers Authority.

Here are the top questions:

1) “What is your understanding of the job of mayor, specifically in a strong mayor system? What is the role of the Mayor? City Admin? (point is to get them to say something more than “spokesman,” “leader,” ….)”
2) If Oakland has to pay for $68 million bill from The Golden State Warriors leaving Oakland,how do you plan to tackle this while maintaining basic services?”
3) “What are you willing to do to Keep the Raiders and A’s? You think it will be good ideal to put a bond to keep them and you think that it will help to boost the economy”
4) “I would like to know what each potential mayoral candidate has planned in an effort to keep the Raiders franchise in Oakland (in a new stadium at the Coliseum site), and assist it in thriving.”
5) “How will the next mayor keep the Oakland Raiders & A’s in town?”
6) “Now that Alameda County Bd. of Supes has approved $1.3 M for a feasibility study and start-up of community choice energy program, what actions would you take to lead Oakland in promoting local clean energy & good jobs through community choice energy?”
7) “If you have to cut from one department to balance the budget, which would it be? Why?”
8) “Name one good thing that has happened in Oakland city government in the last year.”
9) In some ways, Warshaw has more power over public safety in the city than the Mayor. How would you develop a working relationship with him while maintaining Oakland’s independence?”
10) “How do you plan to make the City of Oakland workforce more innovative? Please provide specific examples of what you believe is working and what could be improved upon.”

That second question reflects an error in what the questioner thinks the documents read. In point of fact, neither the City of Oakland or the County of Alameda is under any obligation to pay the debt that would be owed. Both can, in effect, stiff the Coliseum JPA if they choose to do so.

What this proves is that sports in Oakland is the leading concern among younger mostly male voters. By contrast, older voters , who are more likely to vote, have concerns about crime.

If you want to participate online, first, you can watch the streams here, at the City of Oakland’s clunky and outmoded webpage:

And you can submit new questions here: Moderator Page.

Stay tuned.

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