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Oakland catches a bad rap for crime

Oakland Crime Down, Gentrification Up
Oakland Crime Down, Gentrification Up
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Oakland get a bad rap for crime. The Bay Area press has a bad habit of under reporting of crime in San Francisco, (check out, and over reporting of crime in Oakland. Well Oakland is not as bad as you heard and San Francisco is no utopia.

A perfect example of the over reporting of crime was the “sensational” story of an Oakland pastor being robbed of his gold jewelry. This reporting of a non-violent crime was taken to the extreme and managed to eclipse a number of more serious crimes happening in San Francisco at the same time.

So is San Francisco so accustomed to crime that strong armed robbery, murder, breaking and entering, and robberies that happen there no longer stir the populace? Is the crime sensationalized in Oakland so San Francisco residents can ignore the squalor in their front yard and feel better about themselves? What does it all mean to the real estate market?

Think for a moment.

You’ve just paid $900,000.00 for a one bedroom condo on Van Ness and Pine. There are adult bookstores, prostitutes, and homeless people directly outside your door. You’ve become accustomed to the crime and squalor you see every day. One day you begin to think about moving because you no longer wish to fight for a parking place to have your car broken into at night. You think where should I go?

"Perhaps I will move to Oakland" but because of all the sensationalized crime you see on TV every night you think better of it. “I’ll miss the restaurants and the culture” you think to yourself. “I’ll miss the ease of access to transportation.” You think you’re trapped.

I’m not saying Oakland doesn’t have a crime problem it’s just a lot less sensational than the media will have us believe. Oakland also has a symphony, a ballet company that is not bankrupt, museums, a thriving art scene, easy access to transit, better weather, and most importantly an average home sale price of around $468,000.00 for a single family home, with a yard, and parking.

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