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Oak Lawn HS students won't graduate after forging community service forms

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Many students at Oak Lawn High School in southwest Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn, Illinois will not graduate this week after being caught lying about having done their community service hours. According to a Sun-Times report on Monday evening, 48 students in the Class of 2014 will not be part of the ceremony. While 47 students are not allowed to graduate, another student is banned from the ceremony but will graduate.

The 47 students who will not graduate falsified their documentation of the school’s required community service hours. They claimed to have completed their hours of community service at Stony Creek Golf Course in Oak Lawn. According to Dr. Michael Riordan, the District 229 superintendent and the Oak Lawn Community High School principal, the students never did do the hours.

Another student did complete his community service by completing the 24 hours that are required, but he forged the signature of the golf course’s general manager and PGA professional – Bill Krueger – on 45 of the forms submitted by other students. As a result, the student who forged the signatures is not allowed to attend the ceremony – but he will graduate. Reportedly, the student who forged the signatures charged other students $10 to $20 for each forged signature. That student was suspended for five days from school and is now prohibited from attending the graduation ceremony.

Authorities at the school realized something wasn’t honest about the forms when they saw that two service forms - that were turned in at the last minute - had different-looking signatures. After questioning the students who turned in the questionable forms, the forging-scam unfolded. After providing proof of completing the community service hours’ graduation requirement in the future, the 47 students will receive their diplomas without a graduation ceremony. Oak Lawn Community High School is located at 9400 Southwest Highway in Oak Lawn.



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