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Oak Lawn farmers market showcases local growers

The bounty of the North Texas summer growing season is now available in the heart of Oak Lawn. Unlike the Dallas Farmers Market, which is mostly produce dealers, rather than growers many of the folks peddling their wares at the OLUMCFM (that's a beast of an acronym, isn't it?) are growing the produce themselves, and they demonstrate clear pride of ownership in their products. Quick to offer a prep suggestion or discuss the flavor of the vegetables they were selling, the free conversation added to the great value-for-the-money on our recent visit.

The Oak Lawn Farmers Market takes place summer Saturdays, rain or shine, in the parking lot of the Oak Lawn United Methodist Church, featuring local growers from around North Texas.

For the bargain price of $16, we made off with a large bag of cucumbers, another of yellow squash, an assortment of white and purple onions, and some chin-dribbling juicy peaches. And what a comfort to know the goods are direct from the local soil rather than being grown on factory farms in Mexico or Arizona and shipped thousands of miles in refrigerated comfort to your local produce palace. Unlike grocery store produce, for which a fraction of the sale price goes to the grower (most goes to middlemen and distribution organizations), 100% of the sale price (less a small cut for the market) goes directly to support local growers when bought from them directly.

On Saturday mornings, rain or shine, the small-but-growing group of local growers gathers in the gravel overflow lot of the Oak Lawn United Methodist Church from 8 to 12 for the Oak Lawn United Methodist Church Farmers Market. The market, which is new this year, is slated to run every Saturday from June through October, and more vendors are added almost weekly. In addition to fresh produce, there are vendors offering some homemade pickled and prepared goods, local honey, and a new addition last week, a BBQ vendor.

Market updates can be found on the Oak Lawn United Methodist Chuch's Facebook page. Not sure how to pick the best produce? Your grower can offer the best advice, but for some advance planning we've included a video above.

For the latest updates on food and recipes in North Texas and across the nation, we can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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