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O’Reilly – right on secularism, wrong on Jesus

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In his monologue on Friday, April 4th, O’Reilly expressed his belief that Jesus was crucified for going against the power of Palestine’s Roman rulers. While he erred in his conviction of the Romans rather than the Hebrew Pharisees as the power Jesus condemned, he correctly defined America’s modern secularists as being responsible for corrupting American culture. People who don’t believe in God and Christ are making life all about themselves and attempting to delete God from American culture, a culture and Constitution founded on Christianity.

O’Reilly blames secularism on decline of America

Secularists say that no religion should be a part of America’s government, defining the freedom of religion established by the 1st Amendment as being freedom from religion. They say that if you allow Christian principles into government, then you must allow all religions do define our nation. The only correct response to this is, no, we don’t.

The 1st Amendment guarantees freedom of religion from the oppression and dictates of government, not that government is free from religion or any principles derived therefrom. That secularists say all religions are equal is also a misbegotten concept of galactic ignorance. Should Satanists be free to practice infant sacrifice? (Though apparently they are doing so for “medical reasons” and have sacrificed fifty million infants through abortion over the past fifty years).

All religions are not equal and therefore not free to be practiced as their adherents wish. America is founded on Christianity for one simple reason, it is the only religion that espouses freedom for all people, including the freedom to accept or reject Jesus. All religions have their defined power structure and strictures that are used against all others. For example;

  • Catholicism and sects like it say only their members will go to Heaven
  • Jews are for Jews and all others are of secondary importance
  • Islam goes a step further with Muhammad teaching that it is to be imposed on all and those who do not submit are made 2nd class citizens
  • Hinduism affixes people within their station in society
  • Buddhism advocates for personal morality and responsibility, but ignores any Creator
  • Shintoism is only concerned with honoring ancestors, tradition, and heritage

The Constitution and Christian principles on which America was founded have been under attack from the beginning by Leftists. The entire conflict between the Right and Left are those who believe in God and those who believe in the self. America’s decline is being engineered by those who believe their humanity is more important and must be followed over any who have faith in a deity.

Jesus said to not advocate violence against others for Him. He did not say to be silent, nor did He say not to stand against evil. Secularists have largely silenced Christians, whom they used to call the Silent Majority, by claiming to be victims. It is time for Christians to wise up and stop being the butt of their abuse.

Christians are being too pacifist and not standing up for Christ


“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” –Edmund Burke