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O’Reilly highlights Obama’s three massive policy failures causing chaos

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On the night of Monday, June 23, “The Factor” host, Bill O’Reilly, highlighted the big three Obama policy failures currently causing massive chaos in America and the world.

  • Jihadis invading Iraq
  • Illegal immigrant children flooding the border
  • IRS Commissioner Koskinen declaring emails lost

Currently, Obama is saying he will not send any military aid to Iraq and that they must control their own border. As Jihadis capture city after city and close on Baghdad, Obama sent a company of military advisors and another company of soldiers to secure the American embassy. Critics are blasting the president for his precipitous pullout three years ago leaving the opening for Jihadis from Syria that Obama said were no longer a threat to America.

On America’s southern border hundreds of thousands of kids under eighteen are walking up to border agents and demanding entry into the U.S. according to a law passed by Obama. Obama made some eight hundred thousand children of illegal aliens American citizens by executive order making them eligible to vote in elections through his interpretation of this law. Now these unaccompanied minors are being given entry into the country on request and cared for at taxpayer expense.

And in a congressional investigation of the IRS targeting conservatives for abuse, Obama’s new commissioner, Koskinen, smirked at Republican investigators and declared that all the emails regarding the matter were lost in a computer crash. Every Republican on the committee, along with millions of Americans, scorned Koskinen who acted affronted and declared he has never told a lie in his life. One Republican after another scoffed at his assertion pointing out that the IRS keeps files, back-ups, multiple servers, and numerous systems whereby data is collected and saved, and for the commissioner to say thousands of emails were lost is just ludicrous.

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