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O'Reilly and Obama make strange bedfellows to hype up Super Bowl in pregame show

Bill O’Reilly and Barack Obama will get together as part as Fox’s Super Bowl pregame show. According to on Jan. 24, O’Reilly is set to interview the President on Feb. 2 before the kickoff of Super Bowl 2014.

Bill O'Reilly and Barack Obama make strange Bedfellows for a Super Bowl pregame show.
YouTube screen shot

This event may sound a bit strange as a Super Bowl pregame event because neither are affiliated with the NFL and neither have anything to do with football for that matter. So why stick this interview in when everyone is hyped up and waiting for the biggest sporting event of the year to start?

Apparently it has become a tradition to talk with the President before the Super Bowl, as Scott Pelley did so last year when CBS hosted the game and Matt Lauer did it in 2012 when NBC was the host of the Super Bowl that year.

O’Reilly and Obama will go at it starting at 4:30 p.m. ET and there’s a variety of topics the two will cover.

This year’s Super Bowl interview with the President might be a bit more on the edge of your seat-type venue, as O’Reilly has made no secret that he disagrees with Obama in many things political over the past few years.

O’Reilly has already interviewed the President during a pregame for a Super Bowl back in 2011. They covered violence in the Middle East, football and healthcare. Viewers can expect more of the same this time around, especially with healthcare, suggests The Washington Post. Does this mean more probing into the President’s promise that people can keep their health insurance and doctors? That’s been played to the hilt!

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