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O'Malley to Voters: If I repeat lies about Ehrlich often enough, you will re-elect me


  • Alice McCart, Kansas City Vegan Examiner 6 years ago

    Thank you for helping Maryland voters see the Light.

  • Karl Pfrommer 6 years ago

    Regardless of whether the nasty attack ads are O'Malley's idea or his campaign manager's, O’Malley will eventually throw him under the bus.

    O'Malley can't help himself. His picture is in the dictionary under, "nasty".

    Look at his track record. Remember the stick drawing he sent to States Attorney Patricia Jessamy? The implication was that Jessamy was too stupid to read so she needed a picture. That childish trick is typical of mom's nasty behavior. I invite others to contribute examples of Nasty O'Malley Behavior (NOMB). It's easy to do.

  • Ed 6 years ago

    O'Malley has made it clear Maryland is a sanctuary state for the illegals...he gives millions of taxpayer dollars to Casa De Maryland , a racist mexican group who hide the illegals and get them on all the public programs that should be for MARYLANDERS!...O is looking for the latin vote just like Obama and doesn't care if the AMERICAN CITIZENS are burdened with the bill...get him out NOW! Earlich

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