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O'Malley's first campaign ad is a joke

© 2010 – Commentary

Yesterday Governor Martin O’Malley's reelection campaign released their first TV advertisement for the upcoming election season.

An email touting the ad from O’Malley’s deputy campaign manager read, “Governor O'Malley has… protect[ed] the priorities of Maryland families during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.” Really?

In the ad O’Malley is portrayed as some tax-cutting, pro-business politician. Well Northrop Grumman didn’t think so and O’Malley’s largest tax increase in state history isn’t exactly helping the business climate in Maryland.

O’Malley’s ad is called “Tough Choices,” but the choice for governor by Marylanders later this year won’t be tough, it will be easy – anyone but O’Malley.

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