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O'Malley's first campaign ad defies convention, reveals weakness


  • Alice McCart, Kansas City Vegan Examiner 6 years ago

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Yes, the campaigns will indeed be interesting to watch this year.

  • Jeff 6 years ago

    Thank you for expounding on the truth that Governor O'Malley has been a complete and utter failure as Governor of Maryland. Rated Worst Tax and Spend Governor in the United States, Largest Cabinet for a Governor in the United States and grew the Budget beyond the National and State Economic Recession. A Complete loon.

  • Truthiness 6 years ago

    So now that the polls show this morning that O'Malley is pulling away with an even larger lead over a challenger and has a 58% job approval rating, would that change your "analysis?"

    So often "conventional wisedom" used in service of the bias you have, is neither conventional nor wisdom.

    No wonder you didn't want to get into the ad's point. It highlights a huge Ehrlich fail.

    Maybe you should write about who, among Maryland Governor's, is rated the biggest spender and who has used fiscal restaint. (Hint: You'll be shocked at the truthiness.)

  • scoopnewsworthy 6 years ago

    He does not want to debate because he knows his record is attrocious. I wonder how all the thos furlough works will think when he gave his own staff and raises during the failing economy. Secondly, he did not go cross the board with the furloughs because it did not include Judicial branch, Public Safety, Legislative branches and the Comptroller. They all are State employees. Since, he chose to create a societal state then he suffers when the low level BOO's he hatched go to the polls to vote. He is going to reap what he sowed. That also goes for some incumbents in the legislature, one in particluar Sandy Rosenburg, he needs to go.

  • What else did you expect? 6 years ago

    So, does O'Mally's ad constitute a violation since it was aired on the station that the Democrats have filed a complaint against for even having Ehrlich on the air?

  • What else did you expect? 6 years ago

    Truthiness says: So now that the polls show this morning that O'Malley is pulling away with an even larger lead...

    A handful of points over an R in this state IS NOT A GOOD SHOWING for the boy gov!

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