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O'Malley, Erhlich, The Red Line and something called "Heavy Rail"

Current Light Rail travelling from BWI to Penn Station
Current Light Rail travelling from BWI to Penn Station
Maryland Transit Administration


  • Marty Taylor 6 years ago

    This may be the best article written about the Red Line in the time I have been involved with the project. Thanks for presenting all sides without a political agenda or the MTA's drive to build any transit project it can get, no matter how bad.

    Gerry’s heavy rail plan as well as others designed by TRAC focus on using existing infrastructure and on connectivity, building logically on our current system. This makes more sense than spending >$600 million to tear up downtown and dig a new tunnel parallel to one we already have. Why does the red line do this? Seems it’s what happens when you draw some development-based dots on a map and shoehorn a connection.

    The MTA refuses to consider these plans. Why? The "sunk cost" fallacy - we've already spent this much making a light rail plan, we MUST press forward. This is wrong. It seems the Red Line is no longer about transit, only about money and jobs. Who will get out of their car to commute on a system slower than busses downtown?

  • Pamela Bond 6 years ago

    Baltimore is way behind other east coast cities on the subject of mass transportation. Someone should say something about the decrease in east coast Amtrak Service.

  • simplyscott 6 years ago

    If the current systems don't work, why are trying to build more? Let's get what's there working, make it as smart as it can be, then move on. How's the free circular going? I'd like to know. I have yet to ride it, but the buses are pretty.

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