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O.J. Simpson brain tumor leads to request for presidential pardon, reports claim

Does O.J. Simpson have brain cancer? That's the rumor floating around, but nobody seems to know the answer for certain quite yet. The original report is coming from the National Enquirer, after all, but many other media outlets are picking it up.

O.J. Simpson's brain tumor reportedly has him begging for a pardon
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

The Enquirer says that “O.J. Simpson is undergoing secret medical tests for a cancerous brain tumor!” That's not all, the tabloid claims. They say their sources indicate Simpson even “blurted out” to another inmate that he did indeed kill Nicole Brown.

Supposedly O.J. Simpson's brain tumor has progressed to such a point that he is stuttering, has vision issues and is dealing with major headaches. He supposedly has even gone so far that he is “begging President Obama for a pardon so he can die in peace at home.”

So, what's the truth on this one? The Washington Times notes that Simpson has been in poor health for years. He has gained a lot of weight and there are reports he is dealing with diabetes. However, does O.J. Simpson have a brain tumor that is cancerous? So far it seems that is still speculation and rumor, and many would guess it is not all that likely to be accurate.

Of course Simpson has been angling for some time to find a way out of the Nevada prison, so utilizing health issues as an excuse may just be his next strategy. If O.J. Simpson's brain cancer issue, whether it's real or fabricated, doesn't get him out of prison, he remains on schedule to be eligible for parole in 2017.

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