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O.J. Simpson brain: Ailing health reports point to brain cancer suspicions

A report on O.J. Simpson suffering brain cancer is the latest information out on the former football star. Could this be true? TV Guide published a report Jan. 7 citing the National Enquirer as the first to report this news.

Simpson, who is serving a 33-year jail sentence for kidnapping and robbery, believes he might have cancer. He also says he is suffering from a bad case of diabetes. The O.J. Simpson brain cancer speculations will have more to work from after his test results are confirmed negative or positive.

The convicted criminal's ailing health has been reported in The Washington Times. The source has informed readers that Simpson has experienced blurred vision, stuttering speech, and is hard of hearing.

Simpson was infamously acquitted in 1995 of brutally murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend, Ronald Goldman. The Enquirer also claimed that the 66-year-old has asked President Obama for clemency

The letter he wrote allegedly reads: "Mr. President, I know my life is coming to an end. Please, don't let me die in prison."

It will be three years until he is considered for parole.

If the O.J. Simpson brain cancer rumors are true, will it somehow impact his prison sentence?

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