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O.J. Simpson allegedly confessed to killing Nicole Brown Simpson

O.J. Simpson
O.J. Simpson
USA Today

O.J. Simpson allegedly confessed to the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, according to a WebNewsPro report on Tuesday evening.

Thirteen years ago, Simpson was acquitted of murdering Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. In the grisly case, the two victims were found slashed to death just outside of Brown Simpson’s condominium in Los Angeles, California.

The case was so widely covered and watched in 1995 that it became labeled the “Trial of the Century.” Indeed, it was as it lasted nine months – longer than any other trial in California’s history. Additionally, the fight and defense of the case Simpson case cost in excess of $20 million.

The verdict in the case was delivered on October 3, 1995. At that time, 91 percent of the television audience watched the acquittal being announced. Quite incredibly, there were reportedly 142 million people listening to hear the verdict announced on radios, as well. Most persons believed that Simpson was guilty of the murders.

There were a total of 12 charges against Simpson. The charges against him included kidnapping and robbery. Though he isn’t up for parole for another four years, he has requested clemency from President Barack Obama for health reasons. It was recently revealed that Simpson has an advanced form of brain cancer caused by a tumor which has been discovered on his brain.

Reportedly, Simpson had been repeatedly asked by prisoners if he killed Nicole Brown Simpson, and he allegedly said that he had. The witnesses to his admission of guilt also say that if he were faced with the same situation again, he would have done the same thing. The witnesses also say that since he sees himself as near-death, he doesn’t really care what people think anymore.

Again, all of this is alleged by prisoners incarcerated with Simpson. He has not given an official confession.

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