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O Face Donuts

Oside of O Face Donuts
Oside of O Face Donuts
Photo taken by Anjula Montgomery

It's not everyday that someone walks into a donut shop and is immediately bombarded with the intoxicating, unexpected smells and plethora of flavors like Bacon Maple, Ammeretto Marscapone or even Key Lime. It's especially not often that a donut makes you....well...Oh get your mind out of the gutter.

Owned by Sonny Abuja, O Face Donuts is located in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas' art district and shows no signs of stopping. The quaint little boutique-like Shop has been gaining a lot of attention lately for it's orgasmicly savory donuts. Not only are the flavors already on display mouthwatering, one can also receive a custom made donut in just 5 minutes. With made to order flavors like pizza or even locs and capers, who needs a bagel? There is even a small selection for vegans to enjoy, and it does not disappoint.

Not only is the customer service impeccable, but the donuts are made fresh from scratch everyday using the freshest ingredients. Even the cold brewed coffee is unique. It comes out of a tap like the kind one would see in a bar. Set in a retro diner setting with exposed brick and 70s music, this little gem gives off a different vibe than one would expect in Vegas and that is a special thing. One can also purchase merchandise like vintage t-shirts, hats, even little cute buttons for only 50 cents. They all feature this adorable little donut giving an O Face. It's PG I promise.

If you are ever in Vegas, make sure to stop by this little piece of culinary heaven because it will surely be the fix you need.