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O'Connells Pub now has Trivia!

Trivia: Tuesday 7:30 at O'Connells Pub
Trivia: Tuesday 7:30 at O'Connells Pub

O'Connells Pub is a new bar in Framingham and is quickly becoming a local favorite. People come to watch sport games on one of their many TVs,  push their luck at  Keno and now people can play trivia. Starting at 7:30 on Tuesday night, patrons can put their education to the test. There are eight rounds with four questions each, and half time questions sandwiched in between round four and five. Prizes are offered to not only the winning team but to some of the other teams too. Just last week my team came in second and we were rewarded with Stella Artois drinking glasses. Come on over to O'Connells pub on Tuesday, get a beer and see if your as smart as you think you are!

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