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O.C. Tanner Launches Tanner Labs

O.C. Tanner launched its innovation arm today in Salt Lake City, Utah. O.C. Tanner has been operating for over 86 years. When most people hear the name O.C. Tanner they think of high-end jewelry. However , O.C. Tanner has a research and development arm, which has also been helping entrepreneurs for over 80 years. Tanner Labs is a new addition to that arm. Tanner Labs is a think tank designed to help Fortune 100 companies.

Dane Thurber- Engineer
Alexis Scott
Tanner Labs
Alexis Scott

Currently, O.C. Tanner helps 23 companies on the Fortune 100 list with presentation training, administration, and awards programs.

Tanner Labs will be launching two new products this month. Welbe™ and Gratzi™. Gratzi™ is a mobile app which specializes in employee recognition. An employer simply downloads the free app and then invites employees to add the app as well. When an employee has done something that deserves recognition, they choose an option to recognize that specific employee. They can recognize them publicly to everyone who also has the app, they can send a virtual gift card, they can send a thank you, or they can send a private message. This app will be officially launched at the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) Conference and Expo in June.

The Welbe™ application is a much different animal. It is a tool that measures, and regulates the health of a company figuratively and literally. With Welbe™ an employer can set certain wellness goals, financial goals, nutrition goals, career goals, and social goals. There are wearable devices, mobile apps, and data which is submitted directly by each employee. Then that data is analyzed by Wellbe™ and sent to the proper administrators. The administrators take that information and reward the employees for reaching goals. They can also see which areas in the company may need improvement.

“Tanner Labs will have the back-end support and nimbleness to develop technology and act on market trends rapidly,” said Dave Petersen, president and CEO of O.C. Tanner.

"Tanner Labs is a way to play with ideas and experiment, a way to speak to the entrepreneur in all of us." Said Dave Hilton the Senior VP of Product Development for Tanner Labs.

Dave actually started his work with O.C. Tanner as a janitor 22 years ago and worked his way up to VP. He said that the team goal is "To innovate and bring customers real solutions."

Spencer Roan is a back end programmer at Tanner Labs. Roan commutes from Orem every day because he is so impressed by the vision, the company and the product.

The new Labs have adopted the new hottest trend in Utah workplaces; the work space is fun and inviting for employees and visitors. The lab is filled with Mac computers, colorful couches, graffiti art, a foosball table and a refrigerator stocked full of goodies for the employees. The doors are actually clear glass garage doors which open the same way a garage door would and allow for employees to feel as if they are working outside. The cool breeze felt good and the employees seemed to like it.

Finally, there are little kiosks all over O.C. Tanner, and Tanner Labs. These kiosks are called Napkin. Napkin is a way for employees to submit ideas, inventions, comments, and communications to the corporate office. An employee simply walks up to the kiosk and enters information into Napkin and the info is sent to decision makers. "It's a way for employees to help with our entrepreneurial spirit." Ty Nilsson said.

Tanner Labs has secured Instructure as a client and is in talks with many other companies who are interested in either Welbe™ or Gratzi™.

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