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O'Brother playing at The Space on Sept. 14

O'Brother coming to The Space
O'Brother coming to The Space

Atlanta alt rockers O'Brother will bring their first headlining tour to The Space in Hamden next Saturday night. Speaking to the band's guitarist, Jordan McGhin, they are looking forward to their return to Connecticut. Last summer they opened for "Thrice" at The Webster. When asked if they got any feedback from attendees, he said that they had quite a few people stop by their merch table to express their appreciation. Hopefully some of those faces will be in the crowd next week to hear O'Brother's latest music. The tour is promoting their new album "Disillusion" which dropped on August 20th.

I asked McGhin if O'Brother set out to created something decidedly different from their debut record "Garden Window" or if this project was just a natural progression. He responded that it was definitely an organic change, a maturation of their sound. They arrived in the studio in New York this past winter with 'skeletons' of most of the songs but then fleshed them out. Mike Sapone proved to be the best match as the producer for the album. McGhin said that he had a knack for knowing exactly where to tweak, add, and/or subtract.

O'Brother is a band that is willing to explore and take risks. Like previous tourmates, Thrice, their music covers many bases, including many styles from ambient to straight up hard rock. Is that a blessing or a curse or a little of both? Jordan says that O'Brother is about integrity and they are not going to write songs to fit a mold or please others. Their musical tastes are all over the map from heavier rock sounds of Old Man Gloom to Radiohead and Sigur Ros. This does inspire them and affects their music and they intend on staying true to that. They know they will never be on Top 40 radio but that's okay. They think of themselves as an "album" band and go in to put together a complete album from beginning to end. Although this has resulted in a variety of styles there is still cohesion and a story line. In this day and age where people's attention-spans have been shortened and mp3 players allow for creations of playlists, an album like "Disillusion" has the potential to actually have people listen to it from beginning to end due to the variety of the songs.

Jordan McGhin was born in Jacksonsville, FL and moved to the Atlanta area when he was four years old. Not an founding member of O'Brother, he joined the band about a year and a half ago. Michael, Jonny and Anton had been friends for many years when they formed the band. Tanner came into the fold about four years ago. McGhin was well acquainted with O'Brother having toured with them on many occasions so was an easy fit when they needed a new guitarist.

Coming from an area not well known for their style of rock, O'Brother has proved the depth of their love of their art through dedication to not only writing songs they connect to but by working their way up from small clubs to regional tours with other area alternative bands they found till eventually they were able, through perseverance and outside help such as managers and promoters, to get booked on tours with big names such as Thrice, Alice in Chains and Circa Survive. That passion landed them at Lollapalooza this year where they played the same stage as The Cure. They are definitely true artists and worth the time and money to come out and see them.

Showtime 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 on-line and $12 at the door. To order tickets visit Ticketfly

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