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Nyx Infusion from 'Journey Into Nyx'

Nyx Infusion from "Journey Into Nyx"
Wizards of the Coast

Nyx Infusion is a new black "Magic: The Gathering" card featured in the "Pantheon's Power" Intro Pack from Wizards of the Coast's expert expansion set "Journey Into Nyx."

Nyx Infusion - 2B
Enchantment - Aura (Common)
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 as long as it's an enchantment.
Otherwise, it gets -2/-2.
A balm or a poison depending on how it is administered, and to whom.

Like Armament of Nyx, Nyx Infusion can either transform one of your creatures into a more imposing threat or neuter one of your opponent's. This versatile aura will be great in limited formats like draft and sealed, however you'll also be able to utilize it in constructed decks too.

Nyx Infusion triggers constellation abilities as found on Grim Guardian and Doomwake Giant. In a deck devoted to abusing enchantments, Nyx Infusion's casting cost of three isn't that big of a drawback when you consider both its defensive and offensive applications and the benefits you'll gain from the other cards you're running that will interact with it.

How will you use Nyx Infusion?

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