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Nyx Assassin, Keeper of the Light, and Visage coming to Dota 2

The unparalleled lane pushing power of Keeper of the Light, the invisible doom that is Nyx Assassin, and the chilling soulkeeper Visage are all scheduled to arrive in Dota 2 this week. A true triple threat package as we inch closer and closer to The International, this bag of heroes should spice things up considerably. Icefrog made the reveal today on the official forums.

It feels like Dota 2 Christmas as Nyx Assassin, Keeper of the Light, and Visage are all being released in a single patch present.
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Nyx Assassin is a popular pubstompy favorite. This gank artist formerly known as Nerubian Assassin has a stun, a mana burn that can be incredibly annoying to deal with as a caster during the lane phase, a defensive shell, and the “big play” move – Vendetta. Opponents will be scrambling to find the invisible bug or face a huge damage spike as the Nyx Assassin blows unprepared opponents out of the game with incredible burst ability. Feeling like a real pubstomp? Grab a Dagon and see how many opponents cower at the fountain! Nyx should be a very popular choice in games in the weeks and months to come.

A little less finesse and flair in the ganking category but boasting serious functionality, Keeper of the Light is the hero to send to a lane when you want it clean. The combo of Illuminate and Chakra Magic can keep the Keeper’s mana pool flush and the lane’s creeps completely annihilated, making him an dangerous addition to a push team and a deadly blast at long range. A charged up Illuminate can be “cooked” at long range out of sight and take out targets at long range with giant bursts. Need some backup in a flash? Keeper’s ultimate will call in some assistance, as well as granting other boosts and abilities.

Last but not least Visage returns, wielding an eclectic blend of abilities that can make him a difficult foe to take down. Difficult to escape from, tough to kill, and able to dish out solid burst damage in the middle of battle, Visage is an armored assailant ready to rumble. Visage is an intelligence hero, but don’t be fooled – Under the right circumstances Visage can handle and dish out enormous amounts of punishment. Some micro is needed to control Visage’s familiars correctly, as losing them to the enemy will give opponents considerable gold.

Look for Nyx Assassin, Keeper of the Light, and Visage to shake things up this week as they head to Dota 2!

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