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NYSE SPEECHES: Janet Yellen, Charles Plosser, Jeffrey Lacker, Richard Fisher
NYSE SPEECHES: Janet Yellen, Charles Plosser, Jeffrey Lacker, Richard Fisher

Yesterday, Monday 10, was very difficult to gain money on Stock Market, and very easy to loose. I preferred to step aside. Something was unusual, I had feeling that NYSE is waiting for somebody. The simplest move: I checked what happened in Finance outlook and found. Everybody were waiting for the next day speeches. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's monetary policy testimony should be released next day morning. By the way, that was her first public comments since she assumed the role as head of the U.S. central bank. Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank President Charles Plosser should talk next day morning on economic outlook in Newark, Delaware Richmond Federal Reserve Bank President Jeffrey Lacker should talk next evening on financial stability at Stanford University. Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Richard Fisher - on the economic outlook, in Dallas. I am not the most busy man in USA, I can tell more, when all money I trade went for settlement I even go fishing for several days or week. I got an hour for read and re-read the speeches, and what I found? The Chair told that no new monetary policy will be released closest time. She will continue develop ideas her great predecessor Ben Bernanke left. She reassure that the FED will provide any needed support to the market. If you know where located NYSE, you should smell money stink coming out from all what related to the Financial community, especially from the speeches. As the speeches coming almost every week, you can be the great winner. I can release the most hided secret of psychological trading: there are exist people who can predict what will be in the selected speech. How I am jealous to them? To understand that you should be trader who used technical indicators and its Majesty chance only. So, what was the result? The media wrote, that the positive remarks pushed Stock Market into the rally (Dow Jones Industrial gained 193, NASDAQ - 43, S&P 500 - 19.90 points). I would like to add that the market was 3 days before in the uptrend and the speeches pushed it for additional one. Semion Feldman