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NYPD surveillance reaches all the way to Buffalo NY, WNY Muslims react

University at Buffalo North Campus sign at Coventry Street entrance
University at Buffalo North Campus sign at Coventry Street entrance

WIVB News in Buffalo reports that the concern about the New York Police Department investigating Muslim students has reached into Buffalo. Muslim groups throughout the country and here in Buffalo NY, and these include Western New York Muslims, and the Muslim Students Association, are expressing anger at the New York Police Department because of its surveillance of people far beyond the New York city limits and this included undercover surveillance of Muslim students at UB campus near Buffalo NY.

Western New York Muslims have reacted with anger and outrage. Said Amber Sheikh, "I'm very surprised. In fact I'm very hurt by this because I think this is basically profiling, and it's discrimination against the Muslims,"

"We lean on government authorities to protect us," says the Muslim Students Association of U.B., "We feel discriminated by this secret investigation conduced by a police agency four hundred miles away."

The University of Buffalo apparently did not know that any investigation or surveillance was going on. They maintain in a public statement that they issued yesterday, that the NYPD did not inform them of any investigation, and the university did not provide any information to the NYPD. Furthermore, the university said, "UB does not conduct this kind of surveillance, and, if asked, UB would not voluntarily cooperate with such a request. As a public university, UB strongly supports the values of freedom of speech and assembly, freedom of religion, and a reasonable expectation of privacy."

WIVB reports that students at the campus were surprised and dismayed that the NYPD was taking such actions and without any notification, and many felt it was an invasion of privacy.

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