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NYC triple homicide: Man kills wife, 2 daughters in violent apartment killing

Crime scene and police tape photo
Crime scene and police tape photo
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

An NYC triple homicide has left a man arrested on charges of killing his wife as well as his 2 daughters in their Queens apartment this weekend. The violent murders have been filed against 28-year-old Miguel Mejia-Ramos, who was located in Fayette County, Texas, and taken into police custody this afternoon while trying to leave the country. UPI News reports that the accused suspect was also charged with driving a stolen vehicle at the time of his capture this Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014.

The NYC triple homicide has left a family in tatters and the public mourning the loss of Mejia-Ramos’ wife and 2 children, a pair of young daughters. The three victims were believed to have been killed this Sunday night in their resident apartment. Local authorities were able to track the 28-year-old male suspect via his cell phone signals traveling down the country to his native home, Mexico. Fortunately, he was pulled over by Texas police while operating a stolen vehicle and driving on Interstate 10.

“Mejia-Ramos' wife, Deisy Garcia, age 21, and their two daughters Daniela Mejia, 2, and Yoselin Mejia, 1, were found stabbed to death in their home on Sunday night. Police said that each victim sustained and then died from "multiple stab wounds".

It was Romao Chuc, the brother-in-law of Garcia, who said that his son was the one who found the bodies. He noted that he was "horrified" to see his own cousins stabbed and bleeding on the floor in the aftermath of the violent crime scene.

"When I go inside, I take the blanket -- because the two kids is covered with the blanket. So I pull the blanket when I see the two kids and they dead too. I can't say nothing -- they just died," Chuc said.

According to the police report in the NYC triple homicide case, police had been called to the apartment residence of Mejia-Ramos more than once in the past due to incidences of domestic violence. Relatives also confirmed to local news sources that the 28-year-old man was also an abusive husband to his wife and even neglectful of his 2 young daughters.

"I always told her to leave him," Garcia's mother revealed in a statement. "She said, 'I can’t because I have two daughters and he’s bringing the money home.'"

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