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NYC: The Capital of Diversity

The City and its people: locals and visitors!
The City and its people: locals and visitors!
Hilen Cruz

Being titled International Travel Examiner is quite an honor. Having the opportunity to publish and share my travels’ articles is a treat. But having the occasion to discuss New York City within the prominent pages is electrifying!

Pool at 9/11 Memorial in NYC
Hilen Cruz

The magnificence of NYC does not sleep. Day or night, The City (as called by many) is invaded by locals and foreigners absorbed in habitual or –if feeling adventurous– extraordinary quests. Undoubtedly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Plain New Yorker activities such a grabbing a cab or riding the subway, may seem incredibly amusing for some foreigners.

Reportedly, there are three things you should know about New Yorkers before heading to NYC: They often wear black; they avoid eye-contact with strangers; and they love to eat delicatessens, try ABC Kitchen for zero regrets! NYC is that one corner of the world every traveler must visit at least once, but favorably several times in order to discover what the true New Yorker culture and lifestyle is about.

Although The City is renowned for its brilliant Broadway Plays, delicious pizza, and impressive landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Skyscrapers, Central Park, and lately the 9/11 Memorial Park; there is a deeper meaning to visiting this incredible city. To this humble free-lance writer, beyond the landmarks lies the opportunity to mingle with the people of this multi-cultural town. As simple –or as complex– as the title above, NYC should be branded as the Capital of Diversity.

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