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NYC subway derailment: Woodside section of Queens sees subway derailment

A NYC subway derailment happened Friday morning in Queens that injured 19 passengers. Local transit lines around the city were delayed. USA Today reports that four passengers had serious injuries from the train derailment, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the New York City Fire Department said. 15 were treated for injuries at the site where the accident happened.

An express F train headed for Manhattan and Brooklyn went off the rails before 10:30 am. It happened at the Woodside section of Queens, which is a short distance from Manhattan across the East River.

10 patients with minor injuries were treated at Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queen.

Firefighters and first responders successfully escorted about 1,000 passengers off the derailed train. By 12:15 pm, everyone had been evacuated. Some of the passengers went to the hospital on their own to get checked.

According to the report, the NYC train derailment involved six of the train's eight cars at 65th Street and Broadway. The incident slowed down E and F trains as emergency workers restored order to the transit system. Rush hour traffic for Friday evening was facing possible delays as well.

The NYC subway derailment inconvenienced thousands Friday, but luckily nobody was killed in the incident.

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