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NYC's Persia Shares a Woman's Wants on The Love Tape

The grind of an underground, unsigned artist is an unforgiving one. Combine that with the struggles a woman faces in this world already and you wouldn't be wrong for asking why someone like Persia hasn't stopped yet. In spite of setbacks and obstacles in the road Far Rockaway's femme fatale refuses to stop. As any true artist does Persia has adapted her creative process to reflect what has been on her mind and her heart. That is what we get with The Love Tape, an unscheduled detour from what we're used to and a peak at the somewhat softer side of Persia.

Hip Hop

Aside from the talk of the streets and the embarrassing state of the lady MC in the hip hop mainstream what else is on P's mind? Well it would seem that behind all the bravado and charisma we have an old school romantic who's struggling with the past, present and future of her love life. Persia's rugged exterior and commanding tone rule on "Act Right" as she gives stern warning to the men taking their partners for granted. This acts as the perfect set up for "Let Me Know" . The fed up anthem of the lady leaving for good resonates on many levels for those that are out of 2nd chances to give.

In the midst of that we get a lot of positive moments full of love and romance that represents the world Persia desires. It's the light at the end of the tunnel that tracks like "The One" and the laid back, easy riding "Love Me" reveal to the listener. My personal favorite is the stand out Persia Room. The haunting chorus wraps around the true moments of clarity that Persia is sharing with the world. It's a honest declaration of the personal demons she's fought and continues to battle.

I think balance is the ideal description for the Love Tape. It's one half frustration and one half hope. This is a very humanizing project. Persia is often on 100 and she doesn't apologize for it. What the Love Tape does is give a little context to what we get on the Internets from her. Like everyone else she wants to be happy while pursuing her passion.
The Love Tape drops on Valentine's day. Pick it up as a little reminder to do right by the person you have.

Jason Francis | The Social MediaSamurai

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