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NYC mayor's SUV: Speed racing NYC Mayor De Blasio caught blowing stop signs

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio’s SUV was caught Friday blowing through a number of stop signs, speeding and committing a host of driving infractions, ironically, just days after the mayor held a press conference in which he promised a crackdown on bad driving to protect his city’s pedestrians.

According to The New York Times today, Mayor de Blasio’s two SUV caravan blew through two stop signs, changed lanes without signaling and was clocked by a WCBS-TV/Channel 2 news crew, who was following the mayor, as driving well over the posted village speed limits.

All this just two days after the first-term mayor outlined his “Vision Zero” plan to fight traffic deaths.

CBS News 2 captured the video of the mayor, seen here via NowItsHereNews on YouTube.

De Blasio was not driving; he was in the lead vehicle’s passenger seat driven by a member of the mayor’s NYPD security detail. Nevertheless, the mayor evidently chose not to put the brakes on the reckless driving.

It would seem this is yet another example of a double standard when it comes to our elected officials and police force – One slipshod set of standards for them, and another more meticulous set for the rest of us to diligently follow.

In the mayor’s Vision Zero plan, de Blasio proposed a heaping set of measures, including lowering the citywide speed limits, installing more red light cameras – in all 63 new initiatives from traditional ideas like issuing more tickets to more obtuse proposals, like electronically reducing the amount of fare a cab driver can charge if they speed.

“We’ve put a very bold plan before you,” the mayor said Tuesday, “and we want the public to know we’re holding ourselves to this standard and we intend to achieve these goals.”

Really? So what was the big hubbub rush for? Nothing.

Upon arriving at City Hall, the mayor just sat in his SUV, leaving the second car behind him unable to pass through the gate and actually illegally blocking a crosswalk and an intersection.

According to Channel 2’s Marcia Kramer, if a driver had been ticketed for all these violations, a whopping 13 points would have been racked up throughout the short drive, and the person’s license would be instantly suspended.

The mayor’s office responded to being pressed about the multiple traffic violations, issuing a statement via De Blasio’s press secretary, Phil Walzak, which said:

“We believe public safety is everyone’s responsibility. We also recognize NYPD’s training and protocols, and refer questions related to security and transportation to them. With that in mind, Mayor de Blasio is firmly committed to the traffic safety policies outlined this week.”

In other words, “Umm, ask the police.”

So news' outlets did, and the NYPD responded with:

“Personnel assigned to the mayor’s security detail receive specialized training in driving based on maintaining security as well as safety. At certain times, under certain conditions, this training may include… maintaining speed with the general flow of traffic, and may sometimes include tactics to safely keep two or more police vehicles together in formation when crossing intersections.”

In other words, “We did it because we can.”

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